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About Larkin University, College of Pharmacy

Founded in 2013, Larkin University evolved from Larkin Health System which consists of 13 entities including, a community-based hospital that prides itself as a
teaching hospital with the largest Osteopathic Medical Doctor training residency program in the United States. Larkin University is the newest private-not-for-profit
university located in the beautiful city of Miami, Florida. Larkin University College of Pharmacy was founded to address the changing landscape of the U.S. health
care system. The College of Pharmacy is built around the learner and emphasizes educating students who embody the values of collaboration, scholarship,
professionalism, accountability, academic excellence, and social justice. In the pursuit of helping students learn together and seek truth, the college has integrated
the value of social justice into all aspects of the program and the curriculum. The 3-years accelerated, Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program offers direct entry to
students who have completed the required prerequisite coursework. Established by experienced leaders in pharmacy education, and based on the principles of
active learning, the program is distinguished by its strong educational focus on experiential education beginning in 1st year and the block format curriculum. The active learning strategy is complemented throughout the three years of the program by extensive clinical practice and patient contact integrated with theoretical
study elements. The program is the most affordable program amongst private universities. The Pharm.D. program received candidate status by the Accreditation
Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) in June 2017.

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