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  • Crafting a Professional Online Persona

    • Jan 5, 2021

    Employers and program directors look at social media profiles to make judgments and get a better sense of their candidates.

  • Creating Your Digital Brand

    • Jan 5, 2021

    The ACCP "Creating Your Digital Brand" toolkit is a resource that is designed to assist students, trainees, and pharmacists in developing their professional online presence via the use of sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Creating Your Digital Brand: Interviews

    • Jan 5, 2021

    Read interviews from leaders in the clinical pharmacy community.

  • Creating Your Digital Brand: Twitter

    • Jan 5, 2021

    Pharmacy as a health profession and multiple specialties within pharmacy practice have taken to Twitter to promote practice, research, and education.

  • Creating Your Digital Brand: LinkedIn

    • Jan 5, 2021

    Tips on making your profile and what not to do on LinkedIn.