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  • ACCP Members Lead Response to CDC on COVID-19 Vaccine Recommendation in Children 6 Months and Older

    • Sep 5, 2022

    ACCP members led a joint response with the Pediatric Pharmacy Association (PPA) in regards to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)approval of both Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines for children of ages 6 months and older.

  • Call for Applications: 2023–2024 ACCP Professional Leadership APPE

    • Aug 22, 2022

    The ACCP APPE is designed to provide students pursuing a Pharm.D. degree with an opportunity to learn about leadership within a professional organization from the perspectives of both elected leaders and staff, with a syllabus incorporating both individual and group discussions, journal clubs, presentations, and writing projects.

  • Recruitment Events at the Global Conference to Include New Features

    • Aug 16, 2022

    The 2022 ACCP recruitment events at the Global Conference on Clinical Pharmacy in San Francisco will include a Residency, Fellowship, and Graduate Program Showcase and an appointment-based Professional Placement Forum (PPF).

  • ACCP Joins Pharmacy Colleagues Across the Profession to Support Equitable Access to COVID Care Delivered by Pharmacists

    • Aug 8, 2022

    The Equitable Community Access to Pharmacist Services Act (ECAPS) ensures Medicare patients have access to timely and consistent treatment from pharmacists for pandemic-related health services, and facilitates pharmacist response to current and future threats to public health.

  • ACCP Responds to Senate Drug Pricing Hearing: An Urgent Need to Lower Drug Prices in Medicare

    • Jul 25, 2022

    ACCP weighs in on the call to Congress to incentivize the integration of qualified clinical pharmacists into value-based patient care teams.

  • ACCP Leads Pharmacy Voice Among Multi-stakeholder Public Health Advocates Calling for Public Health Infrastructure Investment

    • Jul 4, 2022

    As part of the College's long-standing organizational commitment to key public health initiatives, ACCP serves as a member on a number of nonpartisan coalitions committed to strengthening public health infrastructure and prevention programs.

  • GTMRx Releases Patient-Focused CMM Tools

    • Apr 11, 2022

    The Get the Medications Right (GTMRx) Institute has released a series of tools designed to provide information about comprehensive medication management (CMM) services to patients and caregivers.

  • About the Pharmacy Workforce Center

    • Jan 5, 2021

    The Pharmacy Workforce Center (PWC) is a coalition of nonprofit corporations whose mission is to serve the pharmacy profession and the public by actively researching, analyzing, and monitoring the size, demography, and activities of the pharmacy workforce.

  • Comprehensive Medication Management: Landmark Study's Findings and Future Directions

    • Jan 5, 2021

    ACCP and the ACCP Foundation funded the Comprehensive Medication Management (CMM) in Primary Care Study, a multi-year effort launched in 2016.