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  • Q&A: What tactics or resources would you recommend to improve my public speaking skills?

    • Jul 11, 2022

    Dr. Brian Hemstreet provides tactics and considerations for making the most of your public speaking opportunities and shares how to develop and refine your public speaking skills.

  • Clinical Pearl: Mishaps, Pitfalls, and #Fails Writing a SOAP Note

    • Jun 16, 2022
    • Anna Phillips, Pharm.D. Candidate 2022; Karen Kibler, Pharm.D. Candidate

    Learning to write a well-written subjective, objective, assessment, and plan (SOAP) note is often challenging for pharmacy students because of their lack of clinical experience and the different preferences of their professors and preceptors. This article identifies where the pitfalls that are most likely to occur and gives tips for successful SOAP note writing.

  • Q&A: How can I pursue a career in management without neglecting the development of my clinical and research skills?

    • May 30, 2022
    • Debbie C. Byrd, Pharm.D., MBA

    Dr. Debbie Byrd answers the important question of how to pursue a career in management without neglecting the development of your clinical and research skills.

  • A Day in the Life of a Postgraduate Trainee: Acting Outside the Box

    • May 23, 2022
    • Amilda Medina

    Amilda Medina shares tips and experiences that she has learned throughout her pharmacy career and why she believes the best things tend to happen when you become innovative and act outside the box.

  • On Demand CV and LOI Review Service

    • May 5, 2022

    A well-written curriculum vitae (CV) and letter of intent (LOI) creates a positive image to future employers and distinguishes you from the rest of the applicants.

  • Clinical Pharmacy Professional Development: Advice for Postgrads

    • May 4, 2022

    ACCP understands the importance of planning for your postgraduate future. With the help of experts in the clinical pharmacy field, the ACCP Resident Advisory Committee has assembled an insightful discussion on professional development that will help you design a 10 year plan and motivate you to tackle it!

  • Q&A: As a new practitioner in a clinical role, what are the most important things to focus on in my first year of clinical pharmacy practice?

    • Apr 18, 2022
    • Kimberly L. Zitko, Pharm.D., BCACP, BCGP

    Your first year of clinical practice is a turning point in both your personal life and your professional life as a clinical pharmacist. It is finally the end of the residency experience, and you feel as if you can press play on other aspects of your life. As you transition into this new, exciting, and possibly overwhelming time, there are three key things to be mindful of during your first year in clinical practice.

  • A Day in the Life of a Postgraduate Trainee: Conquering Difficult Interactions

    • Apr 4, 2022
    • Emma Matherne

    Tackling imposter syndrome and learning to become an effective preceptor can seem intimidating; however, talking with pharmacists who have been in similar situations can help identify the appropriate steps to take. In this article are some steps to follow when faced with a difficult scenario.

  • Q&A: How can I continue to identify research opportunities without the oversight of a preceptor or program director?

    • Feb 15, 2022
    • Mary Roth McClurg, Pharm.D., MHS, FCCP

    First, identifying research opportunities begins with a curious mind. Asking and identifying relevant research questions arises from inquisitiveness, which is often grounded in experiences and making connections among those experiences.

  • Q&A: Are some things negotiable when accepting a job offer? How do you negotiate without jeopardizing your job offer?

    • Jan 19, 2022
    • Curtis E. Haas, Pharm.D., FCCP

    Accepting your first post-training job is a big decision that can affect the trajectory of your career. Any reasonable employer recognizes the gravity of this decision for a young professional and should welcome and expect some reasonable degree of negotiation and discussion before finalizing acceptance of an offer.

  • Remote experiential education: A silver lining from the COVID-19 pandemic

    • Jan 19, 2022

    The 2021 ACCP Certification Affairs Committee has developed this commentary to describe key differences between remote and on-site experiential education including an essential resources and rotation structure.

  • Q&A: Can you tell me about your job search strategy?

    • Dec 20, 2021
    • Andrew Webb, Pharm.D., BCCCP

    When and how did you begin your job search? What resources did you use? What advice can you give? Andrew Webb, Pharm. D., BCCCP, answers these questions and more!

  • Minicourse on Abstracts for Acceptance

    • Nov 10, 2021

    ACCP Research and Scholarship Academy faculty members have assembled six modules on writing abstracts for acceptance. Watch the lectures to help develop superior scientific abstract writing skills.

  • On-Demand LOI Review Service

    • Jan 5, 2021

    A well-written letter of intent (LOI) provides your first impression to future employers and can positively distinguish you from other applicants.

  • On-Demand CV Review Service

    • Jan 5, 2021

    A well-written curriculum vitae (CV) creates a positive image to future employers and distinguishes you from the rest of the applicants.

  • Directory of Residencies, Fellowships and Graduate Training Programs

    • Jan 5, 2021

    This directory is the only free, dynamic database of all types of residencies, fellowships, and graduate (M.S., Ph.D.) programs of its kind.

  • Career Pathways

    • Jan 5, 2021

    The Career Pathways service allows you to learn more about the many career opportunities and specialty practice areas for clinical pharmacists.