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On-Demand LOI Review Service

Published on: Jan 5, 2021

LOI Review

A well-written letter of intent (LOI) provides your first impression to future employers and can positively distinguish you from other applicants.

It is wise to have multiple people review your LOI. It is especially important to have a seasoned professional outside your current institution review it and provide feedback. External reviewers can pick up on opportunities to improve your LOI that internal reviewers may overlook.

Student and postgraduate trainee members of ACCP have free access to the LOI on-demand review service. Submit your LOI online as a PDF document and receive valuable feedback from a volunteer ACCP member reviewer within just 10 business days.

The ACCP member reviewers are invested in helping you achieve your professional goals while accurately representing the perspectives of busy program directors and employers. Add an extra 10 days to make sure your LOI accurately reflects your individual strengths is a solid investment in the future.

Access the On-Demand LOI Review Service at