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Empower Your Professional Development with ACCP’s Academy Programs

Published on: Oct 10, 2023

Pharmacy information is dynamic and ever-changing. From emerging clinical evidence to changing policies, industry standards, and technologies, there is always new information for clinical pharmacy professionals to learn.

Access to professional developmental resources is critical to the always-evolving pharmacy continuum. Professional education not only helps pharmacists maintain licensure, but also supports broader aims, such as acquiring learning skills that can immediately affect professional environments. With the demands of career and life, clinician education needs to be evidence-based and current as well as easy to access and supportive.

Guided and advised by its experienced Academy faculty, ACCP offers:

  • Relevant programming: Participate in learning that transforms knowledge into impact by building confidence in your current role as a leader, clinician, educator, or researcher.
  • National networking opportunities: Meet clinical pharmacists and be part of a growing network of pharmacists from across the country in both clinical and academic practice.
  • Live instructor interaction and didactic learning: Interact and connect with program faculty as well as apply their learning in structured programming.

Find the right opportunity for your career advancement with one of ACCP’s four professional development tracks:

Leadership and Management Academy

If you are looking for a program to drive your career forward, this dynamic program is designed to elevate your leadership capabilities, spur your individual growth within your life and career, and help you achieve within your organization. See the 2023–2024 programming syllabus and course offerings here.

Research and Scholarship Academy

For those of you interested in having experts help you develop foundational clinical research and scholarly abilities, integrate research theory with practical applications, and involve you in a curriculum charged with scholarly activities, this program is for you. View the 2023–2024 programming syllabus and course offerings here.

Teaching and Learning Academy

Develop your clinical educator skills with a program that helps you learn active strategies for planning, presenting, and assessing learning in both the classroom and experiential settings. See the 2023–2024 programming syllabus and course offerings here.

Comprehensive Medication Management Implementation Academy

This program provides clinical pharmacists and clinical pharmacy administrators with the knowledge and skills to implement, enhance, or expand CMM services in their practice sites. This program is delivered primarily as self-paced with on-demand modules. Enrollment in this program opens this monthVisit the Comprehensive Medication Management Implementation Academy webpage for more information.

In each of these focused programs, you will explore experiential activities, case studies, and relevant challenges as a platform for delivering actionable concepts. The ACCP Academy 2023–2024 programming offers flexible learning options and begins with in-person programs at the 2023 Annual Meeting, in the College’s live virtual programs, or with the College’s didactic program, Comprehensive Medication Management Implementation. You will have opportunities to engage in real-time interactions with faculty and peers, enjoy rich discussions, and acquire strategies and tools that are immediately applicable to your professional pursuits.

Find out more information about ACCP’s Academy programs and start your application by visiting the Academy webpage.

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