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Recruitment Events at the Global Conference to Include New Features

The 2022 ACCP recruitment events at the Global Conference on Clinical Pharmacy in San Francisco will include a Residency, Fellowship, and Graduate Program Showcase and an appointment-based Professional Placement Forum (PPF). The format for these events has been revised on the basis of recruiter and candidate feedback and will include new features while maintaining the intimate atmosphere and high-quality interaction opportunities that have always been part of ACCP’s recruitment offerings. The showcase is open to residency, fellowship, and graduate programs and will be offered on Saturday, October 15. The PPF will offer an opportunity for appointment-based meetings on Sunday, October 16, and Monday, October 17. Appointments will be scheduled by recruiter invitation only. Recruiters can provide their scheduling link to candidates identified through review of the registered candidate database, to candidates who request it, or during candidate interaction at the showcase. Alternatively, the link can be made openly available to all registered candidates.

Recruitment event registration for practitioner/faculty position recruiters includes an event position listing as well as a table for sit-down, appointment-based meetings during the PPF on Monday, October 17. Multiple time slots are available. In addition to an event position listing, recruitment event registration for postgraduate program recruiters includes a spot in the Residency, Fellowship, and Graduate Program Poster Showcase on Saturday, October 15, as well as a table for sit-down, appointment-based meetings during the PPF on either Sunday or Monday morning (your choice). Additional time slots are available as add-ons. All recruiters participating in the events must be registered for the Global Conference.

Student, resident, and practitioner/faculty candidates registered for the Global Conference can register to participate for no additional charge.

Take advantage of this early, streamlined, and cost-effective opportunity to connect with clinical pharmacy candidates. Learn more and register for the event by clicking here.

Unable to attend the Global Conference? Plan to attend ACCP’s virtual recruitment events later in the fall – additional details will be forthcoming. The Global Conference recruitment events are only one component of ACCP’s comprehensive recruitment solution. Capitalize on entering or updating your free program listing in the ACCP Directory of Residencies, Fellowships, and Graduate Programs, and stay tuned for additional details about ACCP’s upcoming virtual recruitment events!