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ACCP White Paper: Rewards, recognition, and advancement for clinical pharmacists

Published on: Jun 6, 2023

Abstract Clinical pharmacy has continually evolved, with significant expansion in clinical pharmacists' qualifications and roles. However, this growth has not necessarily correlated with improved job satisfaction among clinical pharmacists. A survey of practicing clinical pharmacists performed by the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) Clinical Practice Affairs Committee A identified low satisfaction with the time allocated for clinical activities, quality improvement, research and scholarship, and teaching and mentorship. There was also low satisfaction with the recognition provided, despite a high desire for recognition and strong agreement that recognition affects job satisfaction. Rewards for workplace successes and advancement pathways are also not commonly provided. This white paper provides an update to the previous ACCP publications from 1995 and 2010 on the current state of rewards, recognition, and advancement for clinical pharmacists. Suggestions for the pharmacy profession and administrators on how to improve job satisfaction and retention and reduce burnout were developed by the committee and are provided as best practice recommendations.

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